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Inspire 1 Pro X5 with “No Image Transmission Signal”

Feb 9, 2024
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I have an Inspire 1 Pro with an X5 Camera and four good batteries. I have the dreaded “No Image Transmission Signal” error message and no live video feed onto my mobile device. I have tried my iPad Mini 4 and iPad Mini 6 both of them display all the drone telemetry but neither device will display a live video image. I have tried several connection cables as well. Every other function of this drone does work. I can take video and still images from the camera on the drone and the image data does save onto the SD card. All camera and gimbal functions appear to be working well and the video footage is crisp and clean when downloaded from the SD card. The drone flies perfectly and holds position. The landing gear operates. All four batteries allowed me to fly ten to twelve minutes or more. There are no issues other than the “No Image Transmission Signal” issue. The previous owner says the camera worked well but he stopped flying it regularly. The last time he tried it, the camera live view worked intermittently and then went dark. He thought it may have been a battery issue and decided to get rid of it. The batteries charged up to full power for me and I flew on each one for about ten minutes. I have been searching all the forums and articles about this image signal problem and tried every proposed solution without success. I have updated the firmware. I tried to downgrade to the previous firmware version but there is no firmware downgrade available from DJI, so I haven’t tried that. It appears that the only solution anyone has recently used successfully to resolve this issue is to send the X5 camera into a repair facility and get it repaired or replaced. I have seen video of folks replacing the camera ribbon cable but I am not prepared to try that job myself. Also, I haven’t seen any postings where replacing the ribbon cable solved the “No Image Transmission Signal” problem. My Question - Has anyone resolved the “No Image Transmission Signal” in any manner other than sending the camera in?

App Version 3.1.68
Aircraft Version
Remote Version 1.7.80
Camera Version
Basic Fly Safe Database Version
I have the same problem. On some days my camera works and some days it doesn't. The camera suddenly started showing the live feed again when I drained the batteries of the drone all the way. When I mean all the way I keep it in the air even with the critically low battery warning until the drone shuts down mid air. I usually do it on top of something soft to land on. The camera mysteriously started working again. It could be something to try although to anyone trying this out, do it at your own risk as it may harm the Inspire in some way. I mainly did this to fix the "total capacity" as shown in the DJI app because it displayed the wrong "total capacity". My guess is it restarts what the battery thinks how much it has left to the actual battery capacity it has. One of the batteries used to show 1370 MaH total capacity but when I did this, it went up to 4300 MaH.

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