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Another idiot that is going to ruin it for everyone.

yup. Drones will be like legal firearm ownership in California.

Oh you gotta love it when the press starts labeling operators with fly-aways, "...Back in January, a drone crashed on the White House lawn after the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee who had been flying the unmanned aircraft around downtown D.C. lost control of it. The 3 a.m. crash startled Secret Service agents but was ultimately determined an accident, its clumsy pilot absolved of criminal charges..."
Will you people stop calling it a Drone it's a Quadcopter, this is what gets the people and the news media going. Second look at that thing, it's a guy flying a toy in the park that did not no any better I know it's stupid but not everyone knows you can't fly a toy in DC. maybe should have signs in park stating no RC toys, kites, and rotocopters allowed who know where he is from. I love the news when I was watching I thought I was going to see a Drone with missiles on it.
Actually Marcus it is sUAS or a MultiRotor craft but I agree we should educate the public that it should not be called a drone.
Alas...to late me thinks. I don't like it either but I have decided to resign to the fact that society in general call our ahem...aircraft...drones. I have got over it. Now lets go fly.

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