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Army Veteran with Inspire 1 please help

Aug 3, 2015
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I I am hoping maybe you guys can help me here I was in the military and for years I was a Phantom pilot and I lost many a Phantom drone to do a lot of interference and problems with the earlier versions I then bought and inspire one drone and unfortunately got sent overseas to war I got deployed again and again and again and then the army lost some of my belongings so I ended up just now getting my drone back after getting out of the military. I knew the batteries that I had were badd so I went and bought 2 more batteries those batteries were badd and I called DJI and they were not helping me at all they said to bed so sad so then I bought 2 more batteries from Amazon and got those working then I call DJI and told them that the bird had never flown before and that I needed help setting it up because it wouldn't come out of the travel position. Finally they got it to go out of position but yet the controller wouldn't connect to the app so they told me that the drone needed to be updated so I went updated the app and the drone and it took 2 and a 1/2 hours for the drone to do its yellow flashing lights and ppp sounds and the battery ended up going dead either before it finished or just got jammed at this point I think the drone is updated Now when I turn on the drone the drone The drone doesn't make that sound anymore but the controller flashes red and green really fast taken to mind that this drone has never flown before 14 calls to Dji later. I get the same people telling me the same thing again and again and again I should fly it in a safer area I told them it hasn't flown before and they tell me I should fly it in a safer area I don't know what else to do I don't know how else to protect my investment but I am really upset with the fact that this is happening. They have no intentions of doing anything but reading from a script and I have nowhere else to go so hopefully someone here can lead me in the right direction because I met my wits end
god bless america
The people at dronenerds may be able to help you out. They have been helpful with issues I've had in the past.
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Where are you located?
You might consider physically going to a local Hobby Shop familiar with Drones and get them to walk you through the set-up proceedure. They could also help you right there if you have an equipment problem.
Another alternative would be to hook up with a Flying Club or Group that is also local to you. Anyone in such a group would probably be happy to assist you and get you up and flying.

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