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Bay Area Inspire Meet 5/30/15 Photos

LOL well I did post this........


I have 3 places I can fly, 2 are public parks (not so good) and the third is the top of a hill, so even calm here is WINDY there and its been soooooo WINDY here lately I don't even try :(

I'll just keep reading the forums/playing with the app/and simulator for now....

Thanks for the encouragement.

EDIT: Watching y'alls videos helps too :)

Oh come on, hop in the car and drive. :) The more your Drive the more new locations you find and the more you open your creativity to flying. :) Couple of my favorite flights were in areas I found on accident and nowhere local.

This location I used for a music video for was found just from driving around is right up in the hills of Milpitas.

The funny thing was I have used it multiple times.

Every location regardless how inhospitable or desolate or crappy it may be all offers their own challenges to learn from and they can be closer to you than you think. As far as wind goes..... wind is a snap with these I1's, just sucks up the battery a little quicker. :)
FYI Team. I'll have some free time tomorrow to do a morning flight. Trying to figure out if going to Mt Hamilton would be worth a sunrise shot but I am also worried that it maybe cloudy. :(

Just do it! (the pussy says) I'd love to see some more of your videos!
Hey Jacob, would love to meet you, but your hotel is in S.F.? Doubt it will happen (for me) :( If you get a chance to come to the East Bay, maybe?
We will be flying at 1:00 tomorrow at Treasure Island for all who wish to attend, you are invited. This is the first InspirePilots meet-up :)
Thought it may be the it is official based on who announced it but we had our Un-Official Inspire Pilots Forum meet a couple of weeks ago. :p

Anyways I would love to Jacob but I have to shoot a morning shot tomorrow and then spend family for the rest of the day. Would love to hang out with you and fly so hopefully next time.
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Question? What did you guys do about auto channel selection?

That's only for the video feed, right?

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