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Beware at Bangkok airport

Jul 2, 2014
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Hong Kong
Guys (and ladies if there are any on this forum),

I'm heading to the Maldives in 5 days and did a stopover in Bangkok for a few days ahead of that trip. Had no problem getting the Inspire case on board the Cathay Pacific plane. I asked them at the check-in counter and they gave me a special tag for my Inspire 1 case. So far so good.

Arrive in Bangkok, go through immigration, pickup my suitcase, put everything on a buggy and off I head for the exit. Everything is going well. I'm almost out, and the airport security guy sees my DJI case and stops me for a full scan of my luggage. Naturally, they detect the Inspire and request I open the case. Then come the obvious questions:

- What is that thing? ... Answer: It's an aerial camera.
- Why are you bringing this to Bangkok? ... Answer: Because I'm heading to the Maldives and stopping over here for a few days.

At this point, you could practically see the guy salivating at the idea of owning a brand new (flown twice) Inspire.

- Why do you come to Bangkok often? ... Answer: Because I am organising a major event for 2000 people from 10 countries and they will all be spending a lot of money in Thailand. I need to come regularly to make sure everything is on track.
- Do you have a name card? ... Answer: Yes, in my suitcase.

After showing him my name card, you could see the disappointment on his face. He flicked my name card in the case and turned away without saying a word.

In the end, I feel lucky I work within a large organisation that has offices in Thailand. If I had been a tourist, I fear the conversation could have gone in another direction.

Travel advice: I would recommend hiding the Inspire case behind your suitcase when you are putting everything on a buggy. Exposing the nice DJI case with the INSPIRE 1 name on it is temptation in itself.

Anyhow, I'm now getting ready for the Maldives. Will update soon with some 4K footage of crystal clear waters.


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