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Brand New: DJI Inspire 3 Airframe & Camera Only

Jan 5, 2014
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Dallas, TX
Brand new DJI Inspire 3 drone body only w/ X9 Camera for sale in Dallas, TX. This is a perfect backup drone for anyone that already has another I3 kit. Never flown, never activated.

The kit includes the following:

DJI Inspire 3 drone body
X9 camera w/ case
Raw license
Lens case
Set of propellers
Dolly case
USB A & C cables

Total asking price: $12,000 + Shipping

We are just trying to make back what we spent. The price is based off retail value if you subtracted every item included in the full kit that is not included in ours.

You may be asking, how do you have just the body and camera for sale? Let me explain.

Unfortunately, we had a small mishap with our original I3 which broke the camera vibration board / mounting point under the drone. We had to send it into DJI for repair. Since we had upcoming jobs that we did not want to cancel on, we luckily discovered Florida Drone Supply was selling an open box I3 body and camera since they parted out a full kit to fulfill orders that required additional accessories. We purchased that drone and had it overnighted to us to continue working while our drone was being repaired. When our drone was “repaired” and returned, we discovered DJI had sent us an entirely new I3 and X9 camera. The serial number on both items is different from the one we sent in. We powered it on to confirm and the app asks to activate the drone. We did not activate it and turned it off so it will be brand new for the new owner. We are keeping the one we purchased from Florida Drone Supply.

Feel free to ask questions. Thanks!


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