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Camera File Numbering System.

Feb 10, 2015
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It would be Nice and Appreciated if the Numbering Format can Continue to Count after formatting, what i mean is Many Cameras can keep their numbering file system intact after formatting so you don't have the same DJI 0001 file name all the Time. keep the number but get rid of the files so card is clean and empty. GOPRO CAN DO IT!!! my nikon can do it my canon can do it, my iphone can do it, my camera from 10 years ago can do it. In my mind for Professional use (and yes this Inspire can be used Professionally) it is a must... I cant always name each file as in some jobs i have 50 or more files and i don't need to name them all if i don't have to..

DJI Please add this to a firmware UPDATE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...
It's already in, see the option in your app... ;)
where i dont see it? if i missed it then???? Can u point me in direction? but why is it even an option lol

I dont see under (gear icon) settings
or HD signal settings
or aircraft state
battery settings lol
or advanced

what i missing?
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Gear icon. Maybe it's only on the android version for now?
yeah i use iOS, but i just looked on my android tablet and i see it there. Ill try turning it on from there and see if it continues for iOS. hope they add and update iOS app soon. this is a need for me, ( android is laggy Frame rate and i dont like using in my opinion)

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