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Camera Gasket installation

Feb 1, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

I just recieved my prop guards which AWESOME!
I also recieved the gasket for the gimbal/camera. I never recieved an installation guide but I had a look at my gimbal and there is already one on the camera. Do I need to replace it or is it a spare & what exactly is it going to do?
Hey Roland, did you buy your Inspire directly from DJI or a re-seller? I got mine from a re-seller (B&H), but they haven't made any mention of a gasket. I wonder if the people that purchased directly from DJI would get it.
Hey Amp,
I got it from a reseller but have no documentation on it. It looks identical to the gasket in the gimbal already.
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Blade or Ed - Could you shed some light on the mystery gasket? Is it a different viscosity/bounce/boing of rubber than the original?

If so, why? What does it address?
Some users have had issues with excessive vibration on the gimbal. This revised gasket is meant to solve that issue. However, I do not think that it is meant to be for a DIY solution. I would say that it was sent in error.
Okay cool! So basically i must keep it as a spare part. It seems pretty simple to install.
Thanks for the feedback.

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