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Camera shutter speed changing in manual mode

Feb 18, 2015
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I was out on a shoot the other day and when in manual camera settings, as soon as we closed down the tab that adjust camera settings it would act like it was back in auto mode. it would adjust the shutter speed up to 1/160. i had to leave the window open to keep those settings. more over,its a shame you have to run a higher shutter speed to adjust for the light. when blending the footage with other cameras used on the project that shot at 24FPS and 1/48 shutter speed its not ideal and gives the shot a different feel. ideally i would like to see some more ND filter options or better yet a small adjustable one. ive used them on cannon lenses and it would be great to have something like that.

other then that the footage looks nicer then i expected. i think more ND options would seriously help the quality of the footage with this camera and matching proper shutter speeds.
Yes as long as you close the tab you get out of manual mode. There just lacks a way to make it out of the way for now, but what you can do is click for example on the gear icon to open the menu and close it back. The camera will stay in manual mode but the tab will be minimized on the left with a little icon to bring it back.
There is a workaround. When the tab is opened, just tab the settings symbol in the right corner, that will bring up the settings window, if you close that settings window, you are still in manual mode, but the tab is gone ;)

What really bugs me though, is that even with the ND Filter on, ISO as low as 100 and the shutter speed locked to 50 (4k 25fps) in daylight the videos come out overexposed. Of course I don't want the shutter speed to auto adjust!

Is it only me or is everyone else affected as well?

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