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Converting failed DJI Controller to USB C

Dec 28, 2022
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Hey all,
Adam here again.

I've learned that I've ran into 2 issues thus far and I solved both.

My inspire 1 v2 the usb port on controller seemed to have connectivity issues so I'd lose transmission from controller to tablet, phone etc. I tried dozens of cables and issue still was persistent. Tried a tablet that has DJI go from 2018 on it and it worked but also still would randomly disconnect on me. Scary! So I thought well looks like I gotta get a iPad mini as everyone uses it seems. But I'm anti Apple LOL.
SOOO, 99% of all my devices are USB C so I had a pinout board from other projects and decided to give it a shot at replacing it from USB A to C. Little did I know the boards like $150 and here I am thinking it was $40ish 😅
It's more of a crude protype to see if it would even work so here ya go. Also it works perfect and absolutely no lag and instant connectivity and works as it was the original port. I plan on getting different style USB c board to make install super clean without extra wires added. The little gap is cause of a clearance issue on housing due to board being little too big. Anyway wasted 2 batteries trouble shooting this lol. Is anyone even interested in such? I do plan on 3d printing an adapter to fill in the space of original portabd have it click into place*

Take care,


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Is there no way to use an adapter from usb A to C? I too am having issues using my note 20 ultra as it has a brighter screen but it just does not connect consistently. I am still trying different cables but never thought that the plug on the controller was the problem? When I Plug my iPhone 12 in and it connects every time using a USB A to apples lightening connector (which is now going away on the 15. How much would you charge if you were to sell this adapter to change the USB A on the controller to a USB C?

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