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Congratulation Turbodronepilot your are #1!

Mar 17, 2015
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Right Above You
In city crimes that is. :D

1. Fresno, California


Fresno, California

Fresno's residents are the least likely of any big metro area in the country to feel safe: 37.1 percent can't agree with the statement that they "always feel safe and secure."

However, according to the FBI, the crime rate in Fresno has been headed downhill since spiking in 2010. In 2009, when crime was on the rise, late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler called Fresno the "murder capital of the country." Although that wasn't quite accurate, the city has a high-crime reputation, and Fresno's crime rates are higher than average.

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I Was Born And Lived In Fresno For A Short time. We left in the 90's because of the gang violence. I went back in 2010 wearing my Fresno bulldogs sweater (red and blue) we get out of the car on G ST (real street name) to go eat some Chinese food. Instantly, someone came up to me and told me that I need to leave immediately because of the color of my sweater.
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lol...... Yeah just about. But it pays the bills and allows me to afford toys like me I1. :)

then again that why i choose to live in the country outside of Modesto in Oakdale. Smaller town no crime and things dont go unnoticed here. Lol
Ya man..
Luckily for me I've lived in the foothills for 12 years now ..
there are nice parts of fresno, but there's some bad parts too...
I don't feel threatened when I'm in town ,but I don't go looking for trouble. .
I'm sure it's not to far away if that's what you want...
the police here aren't to good if your not rich..
they prefer to criminalize people instead of helping them out..
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