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Cruzroy Battery Mod

Wow it's been quite a while. So do we have anything new to make the battery last longer?

yes best is here

I know this is an old thread, but it's literally exactly what I'm trying to accomplish now. I've been through the 100+ page Battery Mod Info thread, and all this thread, and was wondering if interest in this just died, or did someone find anything better than a $500 battery from overseas?
And just a side note: Does anyone have a copy of the Dropbox - Battery Mod DJI inspire.pdf as it's a dead link nowadays.
Thanks for all the work everyone has posted on this.
How about a $500 battery from the States? Cruzeroy had posted about a company called Air America, that provides the battery good (confirmed) about 30 minutes flight with X3 20 or so with X5 and yes I got one and it works perfectly. However, I tried going to the website ad it was changed and no longer has info on the battery, but the phone number and contact info is there, the owner is constantly monitoring and is very cool. try it.

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