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Disconnected Reading on Pilot APP

Jan 20, 2015
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I just installed Pilot App for IOS 1.0 on my iPad Air. I had been using the older version for the past month and it has worked perfectly.

Now I get a DISCONNECT message at the top of the APP screen.

I do have a green light on my RC, and can start the motors and tilt the camera from the remote.

When I turn on my RC, my iPad Air turns on, so I'm assuming there is connectivity between the RC and my tablet.

When I go to the RC icon on the app, the RC Status is off. If I move to the next page and choose relink and then hit OK, nothing happens. When I chose Master for the RC status, I'm asked to put in an name and password...I'm not sure if I need to be in this Master mode or not? But when I type in a name and use 1234 for the password and then hit relink, nothing happens.

I have no image on the screen from the camera...yet I do have some control functions of the Inspire...the motors respond and the camera tilts...again, I have a green light on the RC.

I have reinstalled the camera. I have deleted the new software and reinstalled this as well.

I contacted DJI by phone...and they suggested I reinstall the software...in a later e-mail they sent...I let them know just now this did not work...will see what they come up with.

I explained all this on the 24 hour chat line...not much help there.

Any suggestions?
I AM AN IDIOT! The issue was the lightning cable...everything is working fine. 4 hours of troubleshooting and several brain cells lost...but this was the problem!

And to further expand on me being an idiot...last night I was troubleshooting all of this on my couch, with the Inspire on my coffee table...with the props on. I thought I did not have connection between the RC and the Inspire, but for some reason, I fired up the motors...then the Inspire started and flipped off the coffee table...I grabbed for it while trying to shut the thing off...was a big mess. My wife (upstairs) wanted to know if everything was OK..."Oh no problem down here, honey!" Fortunately, I didn't get cut but my hands got beat up pretty good.

SO NEVER MESS WITH YOUR CRAFT INDOORS WITH THE PROPS ON. I've heard this several times before, and just dismissed it. Yikes!
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Thanks, I was convinced this was a bug in the new IOS APP. Always learning.

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