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DJI Go versions for Android

Aug 1, 2021
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There’s always quite a bit of talk about which android tablets to buy but I just can’t find discussion about which go app versions are working well on the android tablets. For example I have come to learn looking around here, talking directly to people and testing a bit myself that version 3.1.1 of DJI GO for IOS still retains great video transmission and omits most of the DJI messages about things like motor overload that probably don’t even exist (in addition to other nags) and retains higher flight speeds. Maybe some of or all of these items are covered by the craft FW version, but I am sure that there is a sweet spot. The only direct comment I saw was from back kin 2016 in which a guy mentions not wanting to install 3.0 since 2.9.1 was working so well for him and in searching, that is a DJI Pilot app. Is there anyone who is able to pipe in about a version of DJI GO which is still nice and stable just like 3.1.1 is for iOS but to be used with android? I am hoping to find the best version and be lucky enough to have it work on Android 9. The only reason that I am moving to Android is for screen brightness. I just have a terrible time seeing Ipad screens well enough. I am using differently lenses on the X5, each of which behaves slightly different for focus and it is just a guess about focus on the Ipad.
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