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DJI Inspire / Phantom 3 Parabolic Reflector Range Extender

Jul 29, 2015
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I make and sell Parabolic Reflectors for the DJI Inspire and Phantom 3 Controllers for 25.00 AUD.

The reflector comes with 4 mounts (2 top and 2 bottom). The item requires very basic assembly.

The price listed is for 1 only.

Email me if you are interested. I accept paypal or direct deposit and packaging⁄postage costs (a few dollars max within Australia) are born by you, the purchaser.

I 3D print these items in PLA plastic. It takes 2 hours to make 1 (including mounts) and I produce them on an order by order basis.

This item when used, may substantially increases the range of your controller and video signal.

Reflective tape required = 2 x (50mm wide x 200mm) Metal tape - not supplied (sold at most hardware stores)

Screws = 4 x 2.8mm x 12mm (#4 x 1⁄2") - not supplied (sold at most hardware stores)

Assembly Instructions:

Stick tape on the inside radius of the curves.

Fasten the top and bottom mounts on the inside radius of the curves with screws.

Slide the device over both antennas. Thats it.

Please note the following;

- The reflective tape and screws to fasten the mounts are not included.

- I have personally achieved an increase in range of over 50% when using these items (it must be noted that I cannot and do not warrant this, but it works. Do a search on YouTube and see for yourself).

- Remember that when using this device or devices, it is important to make sure that you are pointing your controller directly at your drone as these devices narrow the effective radio emissions.

You must email me first before ordering or paying.

Check out my other items 'DJI Inspire ND Lens Cases - Hard Plastic'

[email protected]


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