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DJI M600 Inventory Here This Friday! Testing Begins!!!

Last question for now, i'm reading through the manual and it shows F1-4 and F5-8 as 'multifunction' PWM outputs, are they configured in the app either on computer or tablet? and can they be controlled by the C1 and C2 buttons? Or do those have to be set up via SDK / computer programming stuff that is way above my head... lol but not lol.

Basically i'm hoping to use some of the outputs to toggle camera actions, gimbal actions, lights on/off etc etc. But not sure if its possible or how its going to be set up to all work off the DJI controller.

I'm so used to normal controllers and setup like futaba 14 channel or taranis that being cut down to the little amount of buttons on the DJI is a bit worrisome. Plan B is use a second controller like a taranis with its own receiver to control all the aux functions.

All of those features will be set up through the PC. I am dying to get my hands on the MX gimbal so I can play with the interface to see how intuitive it will be. I know for sure some of the basic functions of the dslr type cameras will be controlled via the LB. Yet to be seen how much. Fingeres crossed. Your never bothering me. I'm glad to help.
Have you been able to try the M600 in a GPC or similar case, does it fit in a case for the s900 or s1000? And do you sell cases the M600 will fit in?

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