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DJI Pilot App


Likewise, I also hope the app is launched before the Inspire so we can learn and get use to it beforehand.

Just my thoughts, cheers Mark
Well, in a similar fashion to the DJI Vision app, it's located at m.dji.net/djipilot but it's password protected for now, so you won't be able to download it.
Yeah I hear now (from another forum) it won't be launched before, apparently it's easy to learn.
What's up with the 3 fellas wearing identically disheveled scarves right around 2 minutes?! HaHa - cool video though. Thanks!
I just saw this online that provides a few more visuals around the Pilot App. It's a French video so might not be useful for many, but we get to see a few things about the camera settings that we didn't see before. I looks quite slick and easy to setup. Looking forward to downloading it.

that looks very slick from what i can see..had to wipe the drool off my chin. lol.
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Thanks. Looks much more sophisticated then the the PTV+ Hoping DJI gets their bugs worked out and starts shipping these so that we can get real user feedback!
thanks for sharing the app info Chase. i have seen a bit more about this previously this but this had some new info for me.
not sure what a couple of things are so i will have to see if i find info on the beta manual about those items.
I found a third party download link from Baidu for the app (Android). Confirmed it's the app but it's from an unofficial source that I found with only a Google search.



Pretty sure you can sign in with username: "Dji" and password: "123456789" (without quotes) if you don't want to make a user account (or if you are unable to)

Edit: Boo, I can't believe it but panning Ground Station flights are disabled in the Inspire Ground Station as well...

Edit 2: It seems that Ground Station will be shipped disabled with the Inspire I guess because of firmware limitations. But it is there (I guess just not enabled), so I imagine it won't take long for them to get it working.
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I am not very savy on downloading unofficial apps. All the warnings about what it can change on your phone makes me wonder if there is a way to make sure it is safe.
Has anybody checked this out?
I am dying to install it..probably should not have even downloaded it to my tablet.am I a paranoid old fart or what?
do not install it. it is not the app. it is some Chinese chat program! crap! i installed and removed it right away.
Really? Wth. How could that be? I'm looking right at the code. Everything looks on the up and up. Granted I never installed it...

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