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Early morning flight above the clouds

Man, I can not believe people still post these videos. Even if it is not illegal in your Eastern European country, people here will flame you up and down for doing it. Also, we can all fly above the clouds and get pictures of the white stuff so it isn't even that impressive. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this will not go well on a forum of responsible (looking) pilots. Most people that do illegal or dangerous stuff hide it deep in their files.
You have got to understand the responsibility that comes with owning a UAV, just because we can do it does not mean we should do it . As Mazz said, you will get burned on this site if you display this behaviour for ALL to see!
Safe flying?
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I expected something like this.
Anyway, I'm not some one who is flying unsafe and who premanently looking for situations like this. I'm living in place far from big cities where is absolutely no commercial or any other flights which safety can be threatened, and of course that I'm taking care very much about safety where ever I'm flying.

@The Editor Unfortunately still no any law here in Serbia about UAV, and it should be asap.
I am going to assume you had permission for this flight or had clearance from the relevant authorities in your area?
Or do you reside in a country where there is no 120m/400ft restriction for sub 7kg UAV flight?
I am just curious.

Where I live it is a sub 5kg category.......... doh.
Don't you just love it when someone has abandoned all common sense--rules or not--and claims to be flying safely?

My dear naïve friend, when flying your copter, you cannot throw common sense out the window and claim to be a safe pilot. The truth of the matter is you DO NOT KNOW what else is flying above the clouds.

Oh, and by the way, those that "like" these videos and posts are just as guilty by encouraging these people.
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My dear InspiredOne, my voice of sanity, thank you so much for such a kind words. If you will be more calm I ask moderators to remove the video/thread, so there will be no "knuckle-heads" "like" mine to see what a stupid things they can do. Oh my God! :)
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I like that it seems like you are coming around. It is nice to see someone who actually learns from everyone telling them it is dangerous instead of just banging your head against the wall telling us that we are all wrong and you are right. Credit for you my friend. We should leave it up so more people learn like you did.
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My dear InspiredOne, my voice of sanity, thank you so much for such a kind words. If you will be more calm I ask moderators to remove the video/thread, so there will be no "knuckle-heads" "like" mine to see what a stupid things they can do. Oh my God! :)

I was wrong in resorting to name calling. Please, accept my sincere apology. But understand that whether or not a country has laws in place, the first time--anywhere in the world--one or more people are killed by a collision between an irresponsibly flown UAV and an full-sized aircraft, it will give our opponents--anywhere in the world--the perfect excuse to ban UAVs altogether.

Again, I am sorry and hope you will forgive me. Anyone that flies the Inspire 1 can't be all bad. ;)
im suprised no-one flammed my video that i posted yesterday,,,,, i guess it wasnt interesting enough
Khm... I was quite sarcastic in my answer but happy that everything is came out on right way. I just posted the video to see the reactions (or overreactions?) as I'm sharing the same attitude with you about high/long distance flying which is nothing new in the world, but it's widespread today and more available to anyone than ever before.

UAV's brought more paranoic moments to the countries than it should be. On one side, we have experienced FPV pilots which flying over the years and everyone watched their videos on vimeo/youtube with joy, and on the other side there is a many new owners (still not pilots) of UAV's which get their toy and can make serious injuries even to themselves.

I really hope that this thread will help to the the new pilots and learn.

Now, want to ask you, all you people on this forum, before start to flame on some one you don't know, first... meet the person.

Thank you for acceptance in the club :)
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lol i just laught watching ppl in 2015 having so square mind, go back to inquisition with your "common-sense"
is like you are thinking world out there is exactly the same as it is in your backyard,so if its raining in your place, here will be also, guys, open your eyes, open your minds, the world out there is huge and have so many different locations/situations

if i want i can flight over the clouds going even under my take off altittude, "how it may be possible?" many of you would ask, easy, i just go to a mountain
so if i shoot "over clouds" not even crossing the 120m max altitude rule that rules your square minds, its still "unsafe", i will be "not using my common-sense"?

got it?

just chill out and enjoy what you obviusly cant do while you still flying at your park on weekends

just check my photos and tell me if flying over the clouds requires to hack our UAVs or braking the max altitude rule


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