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Firmware update not working - bricked bird?

Jul 1, 2014
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Unfortunately, I've spent a significant portion of my weekend on with DJI chat (and boy is that painful) as my Inspire won't complete the firmware update. I also had to use a TB48 to even power it on as the included TB47 wouldn't power on (it also wouldn't show any sign of life connected to the charger). I have my log file from the updates attached in this link as well as a video showing what it's doing.

Log file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0kx1k3b7ud0lwv/logfile.pdf?dl=0

Video -
(disregard the purring sound - no idea what it is but it's not from the Inspire)

DJI simply said there's nothing else I can do. Any suggestions?
That sucks, I was petrified about doing the update, which I assumed was mandatory having had the inspire lock up on me at the previous update. luckily mine upgraded. I really fee for you though. Hope it works out and you don't have to RMA it back to DJI. keep us posted
Happy to say UAV Direct is overnighting me a brand new one and performing all updates and test flights prior to shipment today. They always go above and beyond. Looking forward to flying. Also frustrating to be staring at a P3 waiting on the iOS update.

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