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upgrade on Inspire 1 Pro X5 camera no longer works

Jan 16, 2021
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Hey guys, I did a firmware upgrade to the latest Turns out I got the flashing green lights off the camera... Went and had lunch, come back, flashing red on the camera.

So, per the update instructions, I power down and power back up, expecting it to do the update... X5 camera is acting dead, as in no gimbal movement. I get some initial flashing green on LED on the camera, but it stop pretty quick. The tail-light is flashing yellow.

Obviously that is not working (left it for 45 minutes), so I power off and grab the MicroSD card, delete the Inspire 1 firmware file, install the Osmo Pro firmware file and install the X5 on the Osmo Pro handle I have. I again get the same flashing green of the LED on the camera and then nothing.

Am I stuck sending it in to DJI?

It was working perfectly this morning. Was working perfect for an hour before I decided to do the firmware update. I HIGHLY doubt the camera is bad, I have no doubt it got a bad firmware flash.

Any fix I haven't read about???

BTW, I also have an Osmo+, so I took the camera off that, installed it on the Inspire 1 and ran the firmware update, but for the Z3. It didn't make the camera work on the Inspire 1 (video, zoom all work, just no gimbal control), but the firmware update did finish, as I got a "success" in the .txt file. Alas, plugging in the X5 and it is still acting the same... HELP!!!!
Dec 6, 2015
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Scottish Borders
Check the txt file that is created on the SD card after the update. It will say failure or success. I think the DJI instructions are that you try and try until you get success.

There is another file worth looking at that is created on the SD card. It's path is SDcard then misc/log/then the only readable file which ends.txt. Have a look at that and it shows the process. The worrisome 2 lines are near the bottom 0800 and 1500, thus:

[00007757]Version checking[1]...
[00007822][04 00][00] v1.31.1.67 -> v1.31.1.67
[00020378][08 00][00] device not detected.
[00020431][01 00][00] v1.29.5379 -> v1.29.5379
[00020491][01 01][00] v1.29.5379 -> v1.29.5379
[00020551][01 04][00] v0.5.5085 -> v0.5.5085
[00020648][03 05][00] v34.1.0.5 -> v34.1.0.5
[00020739][03 06][00] v2.4.20.50 -> v2.4.20.50
[00020839][05 00][00] v3.0.6.2 -> v3.0.6.2
[00020905][09 00][00] v5.0.0.0 -> v5.0.0.0
[00020999][11 00][00] v3.9.0.0 -> v3.9.0.0
[00021119][12 00][00] v1.11.0.0 -> v1.11.0.0
[00021220][12 01][00] v1.11.0.0 -> v1.11.0.0
[00021340][12 02][00] v1.11.0.0 -> v1.11.0.0
[00021440][12 03][00] v1.11.0.0 -> v1.11.0.0
[00033995][15 00][00] device not detected.
[00034099][17 00][00] v1.1.0.8 -> v1.1.0.8
[00034219][17 01][00] v2.0.1.6 -> v2.0.1.6
[00034294][19 00][00] v1.0.8.96 -> v1.0.8.96
[00036351]Packet upgrade failed at version checking.

If they say "device not detected" you have issues.

There's other help on the forum, I think you need to do a search.

I'm currently experiencing camera problems not identical to yours, but related, I think. I've had to send my camera to Heliguy and they've sent it on to DJI in Netherlands for repair.

You can read my post "No Image Transmission Signal gimbal OK". I upgraded the firmware with no issues.

Hope that helps


Jan 16, 2021
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That is the weird part, looking at that log files, the 0800 and 1500 updated fine, but then it logged a completely second set of enteries with the last final set being:

[01392664]Version checking[3]...
[01405197][04 00][05] device not detected.
[01405236][08 00][05] v2.14.9.42 -> v2.14.9.42 need upgrade.
[01405272][01 00][05] v1.29.5379 -> v1.29.5379 need upgrade
[01405308][01 01][05] v1.29.5379 -> v1.29.5379 need upgrade
[01405397][01 04][05] v0.5.5085 -> v0.5.5085 need upgrade
[01417930][03 05][05] device not detected.
[01430469][03 06][05] device not detected.
[01443001][05 00][05] device not detected.
[01455533][09 00][05] device not detected.
[01468079][11 00][05] device not detected.
[01480624][12 00][05] device not detected.
[01493165][12 01][05] device not detected.
[01505697][12 02][05] device not detected.
[01518229][12 03][05] device not detected.
[01518346][15 00][05] v1.1.2.0 -> v1.1.2.0 need upgrade.
[01530881][17 00][05] device not detected.
[01543420][17 01][05] device not detected.
[01555956][19 00][05] device not detected.
[01555991]Packet upgrade failed at version checking.

If you see it shows both 0800 and 1500.

I may also add, that after all of this, without the camera the aircraft connects to the controller and there are no errors.

If I plug my Osmo+ camera into the aircraft, it even has video and zoom control (the Osmo+ camera is the same as the Z3 but different firmware, thus they hobbled the gimbals so you can't fly with a Osmo+ camera), but it the rest all works, so it would seem as if the drone is fully updated, just the camera update failed somehow.
Jan 16, 2021
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Well, turns out that I have been in correspondence with DJI support. Their latest, after sending in pics and the logfile is that they are conferring with engineering since they have never seen this happen before... Just my luck I get all the unique cases.

I will update on how things turn out.

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