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flight records uploads .. to where?

go to the user center from home in the pilot app then bottom middle aircraft icon, u should see all your flight records.
i have received an official email reply by dji to confirm its just backup to their cloud service so when i use other device, they will all be synced. they will consider uploading the photos taken during flights to skypixel.com they said.
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Still says this in the manual though;

"Flight data is automatically recorded to the SD card. This includes flight duration, orientation, distance, aircraft status information, speed, and other parameters. "
Or maybe:

"If you are using iOS can you go to Advanced and click on download the flight data. You will need to be connected to a PC or Mac via the usb on the back of the Inspire and a folder will appear. You will need to copy the last flight data file to your computer. It will be large if it is a valid file."
lots of mine are missing, though i did switch micro SD cards. apparently the cloud sync doesnt work that well. . .

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