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FLIR Tau2 Camera

Spoken to drs a couple times and email several times.
I wanted to purchase a device and do the integration my self.
Never was able to get the purchasing process start, some is my fault
do to other integration priorities, but yes we are still interested.

On the other hand, hot sensor technology is improving very rapidly....glad we waited
Again what is your question.

The TAU 2 is the one of FLIR Core products it comes in 3 flavors (320/640/920). You would need special FLIR software to be able to render color thermal imaging.

try this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1596054004007783/

No software needed according to this setup video using the VPC module:

I am interested in power source and downlink radio connectivity and I'm hoping someone has put this simple and lightweight FLIR solution together already so I can get it going.

I'm guessing I'll need a 5.4Ghz Inmersion RC or similar 250mw AC side Tx, a receiving Rx diversity monitor and an onboard power source.

Should be simple enough.
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Is there going to be a direct replacement flir option do you think would it even be possible? If so I wld be the first guy in line to purchase for the same reasons as damoncooper I wld let local police/search and rescue teams in my area aware that I have it plus to spot wildlife I think it would just add another amazing feature to our units
I think so yes.

A cheaper solution that a friend is using is the Seek Thermal iPhone add-on device ($200-300):


The XR ($300) has decent range:


It occurred to me that using the Shou broadcaster app via GSM you could broadcast the live thermal image and view on the ground.

A decent use of an old iPhone 5 you got laying around after your recent iPhone 6 upgrade (or reason to upgrade!)

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