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Flying by 'the instruments' if all else fails.

Feb 6, 2015
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All the talk of GPS loss etc has meant for the time being I am keeping the inspire quite close to me. But one of my reason for buying it was because of it's proven range, and excellent feedback of flight data.

I wondered if people could share any tips they have on what to do if the craft is on the fringes of visibility, and it starts to react strangely? Could you fly it just by the compass? Or would you just rely on the map? The compass seems to show a few extra things (a line appears around it at times - which I'm not sure what that is), and it obviously has a horizon.

If you lost GPS and it started to drift in the wind, you would not see that on the horizon display, and you might not know that it was drifting away from you at 10mph or whatever. Is there any way to tell from the instruments which direction the Inspire is drifting in - if it's picking up speed in one direction but you can't see it clearly, and the horizon is showing as level? That would be really useful. Do you just have to be really zoomed in on the map to spot that? (a fairly unreliable method I think).

As a starter, I'll share my (probably really obvious) tip for if I ever lost orientation at distance. I'd practice flying off until it was more or less impossible to see the orientation (not very far to be honest) and yaw it around a few times. To recover I'd roll hard left for a bit. If I saw the dot in the distance move left, it meant that the craft was nose away, and so pulling back on the stick would get her back. If she went right it meant to push fowards on the stick to get her back. Not rocket science, but helped me out a few times.

Anyway, hoping to gather some really helpful tips to help improve my confidence/skills...

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