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FS Inspire Pro with Caseman Hard Case Pristine!!

Aug 7, 2016
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DJI Inspire 1 PRO V2.0 / Model T601

Complete kit, add your smart phone or tablet and you're ready to fly
GL658C Remote Control is the latest version, more powerful than previous versions
Zenmuse X3 camera with 3 axis gimbal, UV & ND4 filters & Panasonic 16gb Micro SD card
$1800.00 USD (Firm) Paypal only, so we are both protected.
Shipping is on you, but I have a commercial UPS account so it is very reasonable. Send me your zip code and I can figure it.

Flight log shows 18 flights ~ 3 hours 8 minutes of flight time
TB47 battery with 30 charges
A few very light scuff marks on the top
At 100% charge it is at 4214 mAh capacity - Still plenty of life left in it
It has been Deep Cycled every 10 charges
Screenshots show battery history and serial number
Battery charger is standard 100w version

The Propeller mounting plates have just been upgraded to the new 1345LS locking type
These offer the most secure attachment method there is for the props
The props are brand new, only flown one time to test

The carbon fiber is the woven type and not the 'Camo' wound type. There are differing opinions on this, but I believe the woven is stronger. I have seen plenty of pictures of Inspires with broken arms and every one was the 'Camo' wound. DJI seems to have stopped using the camo type. The Inspire 2, Matrice 600, Ronin and practically everything they are currently making uses the woven. Personally, I think it looks better too.

All of the pictures are of the actual items for sale
Note that the ipad shown in the second picture is not included
I left it in the picture to show the camera operation
Everything else shown is included

The case is a Caseman hard shell case in excellent condition
Has 2 locking latches with 2 keys plus a hasp for TSA lock or padlock
Always either in smoke free house or trunk of the car, has never been set on the ground
It has room for everything: 6 batteries (1 in the bird), 2 controllers, props and a slot for tablet
It can hold an X5 or X3 camera case with the included adapter
Everything will be packed in the case then put in a cardboard box to ship via UPS ground
[Local pickup also welcome]

This was my secondary / backup which saw very little use
This would make a great starter package or backup
I have moved up to the Inspire 2, so this has to go. My Loss = Your Gain!
b2.jpg b3.jpg b4.jpg b5.jpg b6.jpg b7.jpg b8.jpg b9.jpg b10.jpg
Inspire 1 PRO V2.0 T601
Zenmuse X3 Camera
GL658C Remote Control
TB47 Battery
100W Battery Charger
1 set 1345T Props
Connection cords, Manual
Caseman Hard shell Case
This originally had an X5, which I sold after switching over to the Z3.

I am keeping the Z3 for my Osmo, so I bought an X3 to put with this as it is difficult to sell an Inspire with no camera.
If this had the X5, I would certainly be asking more for it.
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