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Hand held X7 build

Feb 11, 2015
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Rainbow Lake NY (near Lake Placid)
ED0620A6-E95F-4EB5-B149-4D640DB5EFF3.jpegE32BE772-2051-4FAD-8903-727DE60BF2A2.jpegF8C535F6-6080-4C5B-A2E2-34EF1408B191.jpegOk, we have had a few discussions about this and I decided to go ahead and build one for our filming co. 1st off this rig (the inspire 2) is a very complex beast ....the amount of sensors that are loaded into this machine is crazy. Some of these you can switch off and remove as they will be of no use on the ground.
I decided to use a full cinema DNG ProRez as the whole objective was to use the X7 with all the lenses.This makes a day of filming pretty cool as all the air footage from our other two inspire 2 setups matches the ground rig. Quite the complicated build but I now understand so much more about its functionality.
We do have some to learn about its image on the ground. We have not done any low light testing as of yet.
Some May say it’s a silly build but for the resolution it achieves and the added use of the available lenses it’s quite awesome.[/ATTACH]6556D190-F2FF-44FB-8521-29F5489D39D1.jpeg44C35FEA-F0D1-4548-AA6A-E65C2CCAE8A1.jpeg

I wanted to set the batteries up so they could be remote in a belt pack in order to keep the weight down.
The ssd card is at an odd angle but works fine,may get changed later. I used many Osmo clamps ,mounts for handles and feet where needed.
The objective was to have a easy to use form factor.It is still a work in progress.i will share more pics soon as I have just built a vehicle mount and have a fourth axis arm on the way to mount the entire rig to.
I like the fact that it can be remotely controlled with the controller just as the drone is.

I have added more explanation to those who are not as familiar with inspire platforms.
Love this forum,I have learned so much from all of you over the last several years.thanks.
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Nice 1st build
Can’t wait for dji to give us a osmo type handle for x7
How did you get the electronics to work?
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Nice 1st build
Can’t wait for dji to give us a osmo type handle for x7
How did you get the electronics to work?
We built it because we doubt DJI will ever give us a X7 Osmo.
The brain has to be included as well as many of the sensors as some of their boards preform different functions. I turned off all sensors and it doesn’t matter how many “can’t fly” warnings there are as it’s just for recording in 6K raw and remotely operated . This is awesome for mounting on a car and controlling it from inside.....or from another car.
We now have a motorcycle mount for the rear where the unit can be operated on the bike as a passenger or from the back seat of the car we are filming. It was not an easy build and quite expensive.

The whole point is for the price...compared to a RED and the fact that it can be remotely controlled it’s half price......until spring when we have RED Helium money.
After several days of use we love how ligh the whole unit is. The cresendence controller works as a slave on the whole rig so operation is smooth.We are now learning how the different lenses work on the ground. So far we love the 50 mm and the look it produces.
When we get a Red we will probably put it back together as a drone. We have several I2s so for now it isn’t needed. Believe me I don’t take it lightly tearing one this apart. I did learn a ton however about DJI s thought process and design. I had modded many inspire 1s so it was interesting to see the changes.
Having the same look for ground shots as we get from the air is an editors dream...so that is worth it.
Besides....I like building something others tell me is crazy to do.
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If you get a chance email me I would love to either have you build one or ideas on how I can do the same a few years ago someone decided to stomp on mine and broke alot of parts and since have 4 more I2s that work so I have all these parts sitting arround since i havent lost any other I2s my email is [email protected] you can also find me on all social media platforms @aerophlixmedia i am always on Instagram
look forward to hearing from you!

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