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HDMi OSD values no longer visible (outside screen)

Apr 14, 2015
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When i first used the flysight black pearl HD720P (PAL) 7" monitor, the values of the OSD were perfectly placed on the screen. Since last week, the top-bar and footer-bar are only visible for 20-30%. The rest of the displayed values are outside the screen. I connected the HDMI to my Sony HD (PAL) TV; same issue. Was something changed to the HDMi output with the latest firmware? Is there something that i can change in settings to see the OSD values fully again?
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I have worked it out: When I pull the HDMI cable out of the monitor and immediately plug it back in (whilst the monitor is still switched on), in 1 out of five times the aspect ratio resets and the OSD becomes fully visible again.

It's not an ideal solution, but at least I know how i can work around the issue. And now you know as well :)

Albeit, this may be a fine work-around, I'm not completely happy: First i thought the issue had to to with the Black Pearl getting confused. However, since exactly the same problem exists when i connect the controller to my Sony HD TV, I now think that the DJI controller's HDMI sometimes gets confused about what to send to the HD display. To exclude other factors, I swapped the cable and tried again => Same problem appeared but luckily also same work-around worked. To rule out a hardware defect of my main controller, i tried with the second controller: and again: Same problem/same work-around. Conclusion: I'm 99% sure that is a minor firmware bug in the light-bridge part of the controller.

I spoke to DJI Hot-line about it. The Hot-Line did not have an explanation and insisted that I "debug my settings until i get the best video results". I don't see how this will resolve a HDMI bug in the controller, but choose not to go into lengthy debate with the friendly hot-line employee who at least tried to help me, but sadly lacked the knowledge/experience how to deal with a bug.
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