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Headplay looks...like an alpha build


May 9, 2015
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I'm much more interested in seeing a stereoscopic camera paired with an Oculus Rift.

I mean, seriously, Styrofoam?
I have a preorder in. The styrofoam and overall goofy look is a little off-putting, but I'm hoping the wide field of view more than makes up for it. I've tried the latest Fat Shark HDs and was not impressed with the comfort or the narrow field of view. Early word of mouth seems positive for the most part. If nothing else, it will be a comparatively inexpensive way to give onlookers an FPV "ride" on the Inspire.
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I imagined the pilot would use the FPV setup, never thought of additions viewers! Virtual tours.
You'll all have buyers remorse for plunking down cash on styrofoam. Especially when the better tech comes along early 2016
You'll all have buyers remorse for plunking down cash on styrofoam. Especially when the better tech comes along early 2016

And what about the buyer's remorse when the better tech comes along later in 2016? If the piece provides what is needed or required at the time is it needed or required, why would there be any buyer's remorse?

All that aside, I hear a louder, although unspoken, frustration, jealousy, envy, etc.. Care to share it?
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It's all about lite weight and performance and this has both. Plus the screen is eye candy with the Inspire 1. Who cares what it looks like. As long as it performs and it doesn't break your neck then we're happy. And at $250 it's a f00kin no brainer!

Yep your absolutely right, when "Carbon-Fiber" 1st hit the scene, it was not given a rave review. I know for a fact that the exact type & grade of Styrofoam used in these units are used in USA military fighter jets.....So don't be so quick to bash the design of these. And for $250 you must find ways to bring the buyer a quality product without jacking the costs.... I feel that the unit is made very well & is balanced nicely & doesn't fatigue your neck anymore than my Moverio BT-200's or my Cinemizer's, never owned any of the FatSharks, however I just ordered the Ski-goggle setup for use with my Cinemizers from GETFPV...looks very ergonomically suited as a perfect compliment for the FPV unit, & priced Very fair!!!!
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I have them and they are amazing I love them. By the way cinemizer weights 1.9 lbs while head play weights 1.2 lbs. they are light.

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