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Hello from the DC area. I no longer have a drone pilot. Time for me to learn!

Feb 24, 2018
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Hi guys. I hope to visit here a lot. I have been reading a lot of threads, but thought I would join up and start posting.

I am a long time aerial photographer using real fixed wing and helicopters. I have also done a lot of drone photography as the photographer only. I actually run an aerial photography biz. My son has always been my pilot while I take photos so my actual flying time is very limited. He is a registered drone pilot. I'm not even sure how practical it is to fly and take pics at the same time. It really seems like it takes two people that know what they are doing (one with the drone, the other with the camera) to get good photos and keep the drone safe.

We started off using using Blades with added gimbals, go pro etc and have moved up to the Inspire 2. The problem is my son is in college and so he is not around often and now the drone sits far too often. I need to learn to fly this thing, but I'm not going to fly it till I trust myself not to crash it. I have a blade 180QX that is will start practicing on and then can move up to my larger Blade drones.

If anybody here has any suggestions or have gone through this, I would be happy to hear from you.


Here are some photos we have taken with the Inspire2

Baltimore, MD

Cincinnati, OH

Kansas City, MO
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Welcome to InspirePilots, thanks for joining @kc2dc, contributing members are always appreciated, everyone at some point in time has been a forum lurker ;)

You've got a good setup with your son as PIC and you being able to focus on the imaging. That's the way to do it to ensure a safe operation with your son fully focused on operating the aircraft while you can focus on the imagery tasks at hand.

Good call to get some stick time with some good practice drones and you'll ease right into comfortability with the I2. Take it slow.

Nice images, thanks for sharing. Best of luck in your transition and we'll see you around IP. If we can be of any assistance don't hesitate to reach out. Safe flying.

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