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Help!! Purple lines running through my Raw images - supposed to be recording my wedding tomorrow

Jun 12, 2015
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can anyone help...

I bought the drone 2nd hand off ebay

I tried to attach a pic but photobucket doesnt like the DNG format.

Everything is successfully updated to the latest firmware.

It is my wedding tomorrow and my lads are filming me with it.

Please help!

many thanks

PS please help, i only have limited time to resolve this and i prefer raw so i can post edit if required.

Thanks in advance

Your raw processing software might need an update.

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Kilrah thanks for your reply, you seem to be some sort of inspire support guru.

when i first put a dmg through the dji DNG cleaner it removed the lines im getting.

more recenrlty it doesnt. and i am now at a loss. just as well ive set the bird to capture both raw and jpeg's....

but seriously this is pretty unacceptable for a bird costing this much ££$$

i have read many threads about the hot pixels etc, some seem to have sent there camera's back to dji. but i suspect this is software rather than hardware because the jpeg's look good with no issue's or dead / hot pixels. i realize jpeg's get camera processing while raw doesn't.

I'm a mac user and supposedly this problem is worse on macs.

DJI need to fix this asap. you shouldn't have to run a raw file through a converter. especially as it doesnt work.
so since the dng cleaner no longer works i figured the app might be corrupt so i delete it, download again and now i get the message output file not recognised or damaged in photoshop & Lightroom

Then you likely don't actually have the latest versions of Lightroom/Camera raw.

BTW you didn't say if you were on mac or PC.
Really appreciate your time Kilrah

I'm a Mac User with Lightroom 5.7 & camera Raw 8.7.

I see that Lightroom 6 is recently available, but is that really necessary. I'm not on the Lightroom subscription model. so would require more investment.

when i try to update my lightroom version it says my version is up to date
Spoke to dji support who were v helpful and quick to reply...

They say it needs a repair and to take it back to the dealer where it was purchased.

Rather annoying. Hope the dealer replaces parts rather than offers to send anything away. It was bought from London camera exchange

I still suspect it is software and not hardware related but if dji say I faulty, who am I to argue with them!

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