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Hoodivision are back in stock!!

You really think the small magnets could cause interference?
No interference. The iPad cover that can be purchased from Apple comes with magnets to hold it on so I assume they can not mess up the iPad and they won't be close enough to the controller to magnetically attract the parts. As for interference, regular earth magnets and neo magnets do not have a strong enough magnetic field to mess with radio controls on almost any level. Strong electromagnets may be a different story but not here.
There are magnets in the iPads that hold the covers magnets on and they don't seem to effect anything. I don't think they are very strong though. The ones in the Hoodivision are rare earth magnets and are very powerful.... I know, because I removed them from the older version, and they are badass magnets for their size. Ordered the new Velcro model. Also bought some foam core, as described in another post, to try to make my own.
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no oukenfold, or whatever. he has a dji logo/avatar, gotta love that....confusing and wierd. i never get people that put non affiliated logos in front of their videos iether. like we need more gopro/dji logos.......
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Just got mine and its going back The magnetic version is not strong enough to hold the top of the 'pad hat' to the top of the mini and the 'wings' have some weak sticky material that doesn't hold it well enough to the body of the iPod. Nice design but bad execution of installation. They need to rethink this. I didn't get the velcro version as I don't like sticking all those pads to the screen. Oh well,
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Just ordered the PadHat hybrid velcro version (in Grey) Magnets will fall off im sure of it out in field so i went with more secure velcro version. Thanks for the product tip, i have been looking for something like this but didnt like some of the options out there. Hope this is good for $45 canadian..
Just got the Velcro Version... Works well. I attach all tabs to the back, not the front....

The only thing is you have to hold the controller up higher than normal to see the screen otherwise the antenna will be pointing too far down.
I bought the mini version for the iPad Mini 2 - and it definitely needs some refinement. Like Airwolf said, its magnets don't hold well enough, and the semi-sticky tabs on the side are basically useless. The whole thing droops down so low that you're forced to tilt the iPad all the way back, reducing the clarity of the picture, and forcing you to peer under the hood awkwardly. It could have been about 2/3 as long, and would have worked better. Basically, it seems no one has built a truly proper sunshade for any tablet computer and put it on the market.
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