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Im stuck

I'm confused!!!!! But there again I'm not a Mac user.
The firmware is compressed to save space and must be uncompressed (extracted) before you can use it or the Inspire will even cocognise it.
Firmware update, i can't figure this out. I was able to update the previous firmware using a pc now on my iMac 5k i can't get this done. i downloaded Insert a sd card into the iMac, open it to a DCIM folder. Click & drag the firmware update to the DCIM folder. It adds it, downloaded now i stick it in the AC! I don't have the OG sd card handy. These 3 been working with the camera so shouldn't be an issue. Freshly formatted in the I1. Nothing happens it never starts to download. Lights stay blinking green. Insert the sd into RC same thing it never starts the download. 64, 32sd cards, both record video i have a 4 gb phantom card also none work for the upgrade. What am I doing wrong?

Don't put the firmware file in the DCIM folder. Unzip or copy it to the root of the SD card. If you put it in the DCIM folder, the Inspire will never access the file for the update.
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Just copy the firmware file to the SD card without putting it in a folder on the card.

If you can, take the SD card and put it in an SD card reader. Plug that reader into a USB port on your computer, access the SD card, right click and do a QUICK format. Then when you look at the contents of the SD card, there is nothing there. No folders or files, just the ROOT, which is a blank space. That is where you want to copy the firmware file. (I am only speaking from a Windows PC perspective regarding this Format process).

If you put the SD card in the Inspire camera and Format it using the IOS app, (a different Format process) that process will create a DCIM folder and another folder (not sure what the second folder is called) to the Root of the SD card. This is how the card has to be formatted for the video and jpgs.

Again, the firmware update file has to be in the Root of the SD card, not inside a folder in the card.
Here is another way if my last post confused you.

Put the SD card in your computer, MAC, PC it doesn't matter as long as you can access the card. Delete all files and or folders from the card so that you are looking at a blank space inside the card, which would be the Root of the card. Then copy the firmware file straight to the card. Put the SD card in the Inspire camera and go through the update process.

Once you are sure everything is updated, reformat the SD card using the Inspire Pilot app, while the card is in the camera.
You was very clear. I understood completely. The only thing I haven't tried is formatting the sd via the Mac. I formated it using the i1 pilot app. Now I'm gone try to format on the Mac. Thanks I'm gone get it

You can format it on the Mac using Disk Utility, in the Applications/Utilities folder, and comes with MacOS. Be sure to use ExFAT (not one of the MacOS file systems). It may be easier for you to just format it in the bird. The Mac can read any format.
Actually i was trying to tell him no! Listen to me. Before i could say anything it was doing what it do. Downloaded, put it in the camera and beep beep beep. Both rc's its all good

I have followed the Manual to the T and just about all suggestions here yet to no avail. I put the card in to the ac, it goes thru the DDDD sounds then about ten minutes layer it turns to a continuous buzzing like sound= fail txt. I've done this maybe 15 times. However the RC upgrade went fine. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Don't put the firmware file in the DCIM folder. Unzip or copy it to the root of the SD card. If you put it in the DCIM folder, the Inspire will never access the file for the update.

Ah! thanks! You just answered my two hour problem......!
Im sorry thats iphoto. The app iphoto pops up. Not imovie

That is a preference setting within iPhoto. in iPhoto Preferences:General, set "Connecting camera opens" to No application. That will stop it. If the SD came out of a camera (which it did) it behaves the same as if you hooked the camera to the computer directly.
Happened to me. Got upset, read the forum and the best advice is to use a small disk drive, not the camera and not a memory card reader to update the controller.

I promise you will get back in the air. Seriously the 24 hour support did not exist. THANK YOU INSPIRE PILOTS!!!!

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