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Import 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro problem

Oct 2, 2015
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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on my PC (Windows 7) doesn't want to import the h264 4K .mov files from Inspire 2. It says "Unsupported format or damaged file". These files normally plays in VLC or MPC-HC player. There is no problem with importing HD files, or 4K from Phantom 3.

What am I doing wrong? Does some driver, codec... missing? Please how to properly import such files?
That actually worked (I've just renamed the extension). But only for 25fps clips.

50fps .mov clips turns completely green when imported as .mp4, but some of them works correctly without renaming it to .mp4 !?!? Some other don't in both cases. It looks like it doesn't have rules.
I still haven't find the answer. Some of the clips of the same format (resolution, frame rate...) are sometimes ok to import, but other clips with the exactly the same settings (recorded with Inspire 2 in the same place, one after another) is not possible to import. I've never had such problems with P3P 4K clips.

Does anybody have the same issue?
I'm having the same issue my friend. All of my files are in .mp4 and wont even show up in the media loader in PP(latest version). I haven't been able to figure out what's going on. Maybe we can tag team it!
Probably right but most adobe users aren't using drone footage from an I2. I'm somewhat new to editing so any insight in regards to the particular format of the I2 in relation to adobe would be quite helpful.
Changing just the extension doesn't help. Recording 4K in .mp4 doesn't help as well.

I'm forced to transcode it too, but I'm not sure how much this conversion ruin its quality. Is there a suggestion what exact converter to use and what exact format is the best option?
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