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In the eyes of a DJI battery, what counts as a flight?

Jun 28, 2016
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Hey doods!

So, like most of you, I monitor my battery flight counts very closely so that I'm sure to go through the refresh regimen every 10 flights. I fly multiple construction flights every week. These flights are < 8 minutes with some < 6 minutes. Because I always store my batteries with about 60% capacity, I have gotten in the habit of simply not running them down past 60%. This saves me from having to charge them back up to storage capacity when I get home. For example, one client requires 3 short flights. Instead of using 1 TB48 for all three flights (which would take the battery down to roughly 40% capacity), I use 2 batteries, which takes them both down to 60-70%.

It wasn't until today that I realized that my flight count has to be low. I have a TB48 that I have used every week since March, but the flight/charge count is < 10. Hmmmmm.... Methinks that maybe one must drain the LiPo past 50% or so for it to "count???"

I can find nothing in the DJI nomenclature about this. I assume that I will have to discover this answer on my own, but I've posted it here just in case one of you have already figured this out.

Thanx or any help you can give.

The best way to tell for sure would be to look at the code that runs the battery controller, but that's not possible for most of us as that is going to be only DJI eyes only.

Another way to tell would be to experiment with it. Try discharging below 50%, 40%, 30%, etc and see if it counts up.

If you ask me, I would say it probably goes by the total runtime of the battery. So every 20 minutes for example it would count up. It's also possible it does a combination of this and what you stated.
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I think it!s the total air time divided by the time that a standart flight takes. Then you'll have the real count. For my setup I1 X5R it is 12 min per flight down to 25% at the time of turning motors off. So for a battery with 14h 43 min the real cycle count should be 883min / 12 min = 69.4
Roughly 70 full cycles of the battery. Airdata shows 109 flight logs for the same battery and 78% of life.Screenshot_20220723-191817_Chrome.jpg
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