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Inspire 1 Available at SureRC

It is very tough. Part of me wants to stay where I am, weeks out in the second round where there's maybe a chance of some improvements in the build, or just grab one from them as the first round just to have it. And have it sit idle through a nasty winter unfolding.
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I know how you feel, @shockwave199. As frustrating as it may be, I'd say wait. Both because of possible improvements as they get more experience building/assembling, and because you won't really fly it much anyway. Since the iOS app isn't even up yet, it wouldn't make sense for me to have one.... but hot **** do I want one.
I bought one from them today super nice guys and had over 25 in stock when i picked mine up. they also are going to become a authorized dji inspire repair center. I wold recommend them to anyone looking to buy one. or any dji
parts for that matter they have a ton of stock for phantoms. inspire stuff is due in in a few weeks. I am really glad I was able to buy from a local store with guys that know what there doing. and also who may have a little pull with DJI.
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I just placed my order today. They said it'd ship today... Hoping for a good experience! :)

Only single remotes, however. They thought the 2nd remote would ship in 2 weeks or so...

...and an hour later, I have a FEDEX Tracking number... So far, so good.... :)



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