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Inspire 1 backpack video

250 on their website... i rounded the price up it is somewhere 249 or something...
i am working on a better solution... not having to carry that big hardcase around and have a shell in a shell that is in another shell...
image.jpeg image.jpeg I modified an EVOC camera bag by butchering a cheap bag off eBay and using the side release buckles and "hammock" that holds the main body in place. There's also Velcro straps holding the struts to the bag for extra security. The legs are open but I think it's good enough for hiking and gentle trails on a bike. There's more than enough space for 4 batteries, two rc, battery warmers, charger, cables , rotors etc and places for SD cards, iPad etc. Pretty happy with it and think I'll give it a test run on the trails tomorrow.
I planned and made this one with a "nitter" - the guy who know how to make bags - don´t know the english term for it.
in search for a factory to make the same quality at a good price. if enough orders come in I can calculate a reasonable price keeping in mind that one guy was making this with me over a 3 months period.
fits 9 batteries (of which one is in the AC) , a laptop, two sets of props, the two remotes, a lot of small accessories like ND filters, cables, tab, phone, a 7" monitor, two V-lock batteries, two X3 cameras with case or since the compartments are adjustable the X5 can also be fitted. on top you have removable bags where you can fit two or up to four chargers. the AC is snug and sits with the legs away from your back but is covered up totally and it also has a rain jacket so when on a motor bike it is wearable and AC is not getting wet. it can be heavy but you have everything you can / might need on set including a tripod for your monitor and HD SDI cable holding place on the side. if you do not pack it up like I did with EVERYTHING inside which is 28 kg with laptop and all you can see on the picture then it is a lot lighter obviously.
see pics below for detail.


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