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Inspire 1 is great but don't get rid of your Phantom !

Feb 10, 2014
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North Leeds UK
Recently returned from holiday in Scotland and taken some great aerial photos, but I'm soooo glad I never sold my Vision Plus.

The Inspire takes much better photos and videos but for those shots in difficult longer range places where I didn't want to risk my Inspire, I had to use my old faithful Vision Plus. I've got the booster App for my Phantom and some aerial mods on the remote and Wifi extender. The Inspire just doesn't get any where near when it comes to range and getting those difficult shots. Plus the thought of loosing £800 and not £3000 makes you breathe a lot easier !!
With both my RC on their way for repair ( firm update problem), I took dust off my little phantom. It is relaxing flying with no problem at all o_O
Amen! Still have my P2. I use them both Each bird has it's pros and cons.
Just sat down after an 8 km fly around with my P2. Once the Inspire has all its little 'issues' out of the way and has the extended capability of GS type waypoint flying or a 'follow the line' autonomous flight feature it will be in another class completely, but for now it doesn't do anything my little P2 can't do and as someone mentioned, for a bucket-load less money.
wow what kind of range are you flying on that phantom then?! i thought 2km was more than I'd ever want from my inspire

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