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Inspire 1 Questions


Mike Meyer

I'm purchasing the Inspire 1 on Tuesday...this coming week. I have the following questions...

1-Is DJI still providing cases with purchases? It still looks like this is a pre-order.

2- Is it possible to pay a little more and get the better battery in the INspire 1 package? I'd rather have the better battery as part of the initial purchase. I plan to order 2 more of the stronger batteries as well. ($200 each) I'm told the package comes with the weaker battery that costs $150 if you buy it separately.

3- Is the video feed only 720p? If so, does anyone know if this will increase to 1080 at any point?

4- I'm planning on buying a tablet as my monitor. Any recommendations? Video quality and weight are the most important factors.


Mike Meyer
Columbus, Ohio
1 - Yes
2 - No
3 - No idea. Does it really matter? Can you tell the difference when FPV flying?
4 - iPad Mini 2 or iPad Air 2

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