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Inspire 1 rivals?

Dec 23, 2013
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Has anyone here considered buying the 3D x8+? Any other rivals?
Any idea what the differences are?
I owned Phantom 2 so am a DJI....but am just wondering...
Please advise.
as usual i am not not aware of anything that has similar features for even close to the same money. dii seems to be the best bang for the buck going.
I agree. But now I am old school ! I started with DJI with a 40 and just moved on up to what I have now. It is being upgraded now but this will be my next one
I've been doing a lot of research lately about other MR brands. As far as I can see the Inspire on paper is the best for the money. But I won't spend 3K to 4K for anything until its been proven. My Vision has been great except for the bad batteries. (About $500 worth). What I'm looking for in a MR is battery and camera options. No proprietary major components. There are some interesting new MR's out there, just search other forums. If DJI would have camera options and let me supply my own batteries I would have pre-ordered already.
I am very close to ordering.
After seeing the possibilities of the APP I am sold...plus the camera quality and the drone capabilities....

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