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Inspire 1 v2.0 for parts or fix

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Nov 13, 2016
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This an Inspire 1 v2.0. I crashed last weekend. Because of my own stupidity. I overlooked one prop that I did not lock but double-check the other three. I took off one about 15-20 ft High went out over the pool and that's where the prop finally popped off. It landed just a foot from going into the pool on the concrete.

All Motors arm, and respond as they should with the props off. Would probably still fly but I'm missing a prop, due to the crash. The right arm base has a crack in it (see pic). And the body seems to be slightly off. The camera is history and so is the x5 camera mount that's what took the hardest hit. It's still transforms from Landing mode, flight mode and travel mode. With no apparent issues.

Looking to sell just drone and case no battery. Was also thinking about selling my controller also if interested. It is a GL658B.

Sorry I don't really know what to ask for it please shoot me some offers.

Located in York Pennsylvania USA. U.S. currency would be the best.

Thanks everyone!


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Jingle, sorry for your loss. It's heart breaking when you see a great machine tumble like that.

Have you tried DJI repair service? I've used them twice and I'm amazed how inexpensive it is and the quality of their work. check it out...

DJI Repair Service Center
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Thanks, no I never even thought about it? I figured it would take forever and it would be really expensive.

If you don't mind me asking how much were your repairs, and what did they do?

Thanks again for your help.
That SUX!!!
Sorry to hear of your crash.
I did the same thing once. Luckily mine only went up about 7 feet before prop flew off and it landed upside down, but only damaged 3 props and a small scrape to the battery top.
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It is the worst feeling when you do something stupid like that. Thanks guys!
That feeling is has been experienced by more than a few and is not exclusive. Whats also not exclusive is that great feeling of flying one of the best flying cameras available. imo b well
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Yeah, tough to price without knowing exactly what's wrong. If you were closer I'd help disassemble and repair.
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