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Inspire App for IOS?

Feb 7, 2014
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I see the app for the inspire1 one that works on an android, but not so for the IOS. Any idea when it will be available for download. My inspire should be here by the end of the week. How will I fly if i have an iPad retina without the app?
I would think it will be available to everybody within a week or so from the apple app store. No inspire serial number would be required.
Many have already loaded on the Mac Tablets already.
Keep checking posts and younwill find a solution I bet.
Try the dji inspire forum.
Also,there will be a 24 hour help line starting tomorrow so you could call or e mail dji and maybe get a better answer.
Good luck.
So I go to the,apple site and see the mini2. It has the lightning connection but no indication of input specs only output specs. So how is it to work with the Inspire RC?
Simple USB to Apple Lightening cable. It comes with the Ipad Mini and is the same cable used to charge the mini.
Fire uses a USB to Micro USB. iPad uses a USB to Lightning. I believe that both cables come with the Inspire.
We posted this in another thread "DJI pilot app launches tonight at dji.com" but are reposting here for visibility:

We're excited to fly the Inspire 1. As we've read, some folks are having issues accessing the DJI Pilot App for iOS using their device SN. We've also read that folks are attempting to use serial numbers from those that have posted unboxing videos online (shame on you!). Please be aware that each serial number can only access the app download a limited number of times. To help those that have received their Inspire 1 and are having issues accessing the app, and to help those that are receiving SN max usage errors, this information may be helpful to you: https://twitter.com/technologync/status/552285770019766272

We look forward to the App being available via the App Store in the very near future.

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