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Inspire1 lithium battery care questions

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Help' started by FlyingPhotosKR, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. FlyingPhotosKR

    Jun 8, 2016
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    I know that any Lithium Battery that is "deel cycled" will have s shorter life. Now how do we know what level the critical low status actually is? For example on a cell they use the full range of the battery and you should never deplete your cell battery below 8% and watch for over charge. But quit often the message on my battery status says it should be depleted to below 5% and recharged. And I was told you should not leave your batteries charged ( I know that in days the intelligent battery will bleed off the full charge to a lower safe level) so here are my questions.

    What level in regular flying should you stop and change batteries? One fellow said leave batteries at 26% for long term storage. So he lands with that left in battery.

    Second if you charged for a flight but don't go is it OK to leave the batteries that way?

    I know there are a limited number of cycles, are you trying to avoid charging unless it is just before a flight ?

    Also if you do go down to critically low in a flight will that harm a battery in continued use? And can you leave a battery for storage if it is critically low?

    Sadly there will be many "experts" who will weigh in on this discussion please support your answers with actual references for your opinion. I have heard a wide array of opinions. I am looking for factual information from experienced people of DJI Reps themselves

    Thanks so much
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  2. The Editor

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    Aug 7, 2013
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    Please use the search function on the forum as Lipo care and conditioning has been covered numerous times already both by myself and others.
    Pack storage, LVC, self discharge, leaving packs fully charged or fully depleted are subject matters all covered in depth in various posts.
    Additionally, since this board is not affiliated or connected with DJI in any way you will not get "answers" from them.

    Thank you for your understanding but it is unnecessary for another thread to run on this when it has been covered so many times previously.

    Thank you.

    Having said the above, I will try and précis what I have said previously:

    • LVC does not take your packs down to zero (think of it like a cell phone battery, if that goes to the point of the phone turning off does it destroy your battery? - No.) LVC on the Inspire packs is set at around 3.25 volts
    • Never store your packs for long periods fully charged or fully depleted - ideal storage is 3.86v per cell in a cool environment
    • Best practice is to fly your packs down no lower than around 3.45v per cell under load. After the pack rebounds the voltage should settle back to circa 3.7v per cell or higher which is ideal. This way you are not over stressing the packs and risking going over the 'plateau' where Lipo's will drop li!e a rock
    I hope that helps somewhat.
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