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  1. D

    Inspire 1 v2 - $1300 - Nine (9) Batteries

    Meticulously cared for Inspire1 v2 in full working order. This is incredibly fun to fly and a great starter kit for those looking for a decent primary...could also be an amazing secondary for commercial or heavy hobbiest purposes. Drone has been repaired after crash in 2021. Fully functional...
  2. CoreySnipes

    HeliEngadin / KopterMax Battery Kickstarter

    The Swiss company "HeliEngadin" that rehabs TB47 and TB48 batteries for the Inspire 1 is running a kickstarter to help them automate their cell production process. The kickstarter ends on November 20th, so if you're thinking about supporting them please do so ASAP. I'm pledging right after I...
  3. N

    9 TB48’s $700 SOLD

    I have 9 TB 48’s for sale and will sell them all as one sale. 2 of them have 4 flights, 1 has 9 and one has 12. I put labels on the rest for how many flights they have had. My Storage garage was broken into recently and my bird and a lot of other stuff was stolen prior to my stuff being stolen I...
  4. Force Aerial

    I1 BATTERIES - 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 | 1 Charging Hub | 2 Charging Cords | 1 Battery Warmer

    $850USD for all 6 batteries and accessories Buyer covers shipping cost Shipping from Richmond, Virginia USA 3 TB47 & 3 TB48 1 Charging Hub 2 Charging Cords 1 Battery Warmer TB47s TB48s
  5. S

    Where can I find I1 batteries???

    Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can find some Inspire 1 batteries. Im in Australia, I've tried searching the web for I1 batteries and they are all out of stock on all online stores. I know that the I1 is no longer in production of DJI, but the fact that I can't even buy a battery for the...
  6. D

    PARTING OUT—-DJI Inspire 2, X5S, 12X BATTERIES, Charging Station

    Alright, folks, I am changing up my fleet of drones and need to sell my Inspire 2 along with everything I use for it. DJI Inspire 2, MAJOR BUNDLE, X5S, 12X BATTERIES. Condition is Used Price: $7895 USD + $100 USD Fixed Shipping Location: Texas, USA Included: -DJI Inspire 2 Drone -DJI...
  7. RobAlso

    PRICE REDUCED! Freefly Alta 6 For Sale! Full Package!

    Freefly Alta 6 for sale. Only used a handful of times. No crashes, no scratches, no damage. Package includes: - Alta 6 - Alta 6 Pelican Case - FUTABA T14SG Controller - SeCraft TX-Tray for T14SG - (10)10Ah Flight Packs (Drone Batteries) - eFuel 1200W/50A Power Supply (Drone Batteries) -...
  8. TronesDrones

    DJI Inspire Batteries and Smart Powercharge $800 0b0

    I am selling a few of my old batteries and M100 Smart Power Charge charging system. I have 3 TB48 and 1 TB47 Batteries. All the batteries have less than 40 charges and have been discharged every 10 cycles of flight. The M100 charger/discharge was purchased in October last year and has had very...
  9. Rocco Z

    $500 bid Selling Inspire Add Ons: TSA LandingMode Case, 2 TX, 3 Batts, Charging Hub

    This item has been sold. Here's the eBay link; willing to go outside of eBay. Contains: GPC Inspire 1 Pro Landing Mode case with TSA-Approved locks, key included Inspire 1 TB47 Battery (x2) Inspire 1 TB48 Battery Inspire 1 Transmitter (x3), two functioning, one in need of DJI repair...
  10. D

    Re-celling inspire batteries

    I am currently trying to re-cell a TB47 battery. So far I have found out that each cell is at 3.7V, and rated at 8.7WH and they discharge at 10C. Just wondering if people can help me with the individual cell mAH as not sure how they scale. Is it 12 cells at 375mAH (4500/12) or as they are in a...
  11. S

    WTB Inspire 2 Batteries

    i need some more batteries for my Inspire 2 so let me know if you have some you would like to sale please! Please PM me with how many, how old, charging cycles, and a screenshot of dji go app battery health if you can and asking price. Would prefer batteries in pairs that have been kept...
  12. Force Aerial

    POWER - Battery Bank vs. Generator

    Has anyone found a battery bank that can charge multiple TB48 batteries? Here are a few that I have found and look like they can put out the necessary charging power but I do not know how to calculate how many times it can charge a TB48 battery. 1. Expert Power Omega 453 2. Suaoki...
  13. pdaiproductions

    FS: Inspire 2 Batteries (4 Brand New) $618

    Two sets of brand new TB50 batteries. For use with the both the I2 and Ronin 2. I'm asking for $618 shipped. Located in Chicago. Open to offers.
  14. J

    Motor/ Batter Temp for Matrice 100

    Looking into working in volatile environments with a developer style drone and was wondering if anyone knew of the max temp ranges for the batteries and motors for the Matrice 100. I understand the that the drone is not Explosion Proof nor Intrinsically Safe but depending on the operating...
  15. LaunchHSV

    DJI and Batteries....

    With the release of the Ronin 2 and its use of the Inspire 2 batteries..... How do you all think they will be able to keep production up of these batteries? Will they start making the TB50's universally accepted over their product line? Or will we continually face battery shortages?
  16. 5280aerials

    Zenmuse X5 camera/gimbal for sale

    I recently unexpectedly upgraded to the Inspire 2 and I'm now parting out my Inspire 1. This X5 camera comes with the DJI 15mm f1.7 lens and includes the gimbal. Used under a dozen times so it is in near new condition. $1250 plus shipping. ALL SOLD Also selling 3 TB-48 batteries, $100/ea. and...
  17. K

    TB50 Stock - Australia

    Does anyone have any suggested suppliers for stock currently? I am literally struggling to find a single retailer in Australia who has TB50's in stock. I'm considering purchasing from somewhere like Advexure.com (US based) - they have openly advertised their stock here on IP and with...
  18. M

    Inspire 1 Remote Controls, 512 SSD, TB47 batts, etc. EXCELLENT condition

    I am offering the following lightly-used items for sale: 2 Inspire 1 Remote Controls, one never used, one used less than 10 times - $350 (each) 3 TB47 Batteries, charged and used less than 10 times each - $100 (each) 1 Inspire 1 Battery Charging Hub plus power supply, used less than 10 times -...
  19. C

    Inspire 1 for $1200 OBO

    ****SOLD**** Hello - I am selling my Inspire 1 which I purchased from Drones Etc. last year. I live in San Diego, CA so a local buyer is preferred. If you're not local, you must pay for shipping. It's hardly been used; I'd have to check the flight logs but my best guess is that it has around...
  20. Phil Case

    HELP With THE EMS DRONE still Needed!

    Hi to everyone on the forum, also for the warm welcome I have received. As many of you have probably now seen ( if you read my Introduction & Profile ), I am the Developer, Designer and Builder of the Disabled Individuals, Veterans, Ex Services and Others who have Debilitating Health ' EMS DRONE...