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InspirePilots Merchandise

If anyone has any trouble processing orders just message me here or you can use the contact form on the website.
Payments are currently being accepted by credit card, PayPal payments are coming soon!
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OK guys and gals, I've gotten several request for 2 color decals (Black and Blue), so they are available now! Check them out HERE
These are also available in regular and small sizes.

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Just wanted to say that I got A+ service from AerialPixel. They had accidentally sent the wrong decals to me and promptly sent me the right ones, even though I needed them shipped internationally.
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Just in time for Tax Day, save 10% on all your InspirePilots Gear use coupon code TAXDAY when you checkout and get 10% off your entire order.... No exclusions! Coupon expires April 18th at 11:59pm. Click one of the images below to go to the site.
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OK guys and gals the InspirePilots hats we have received so many requests for are finally in the works and up on the website! Check them out HERE. Please note that orders may be delayed by about 5-7 business days as we are waiting for a large shipment of blank hats.
Got mine already
Just in time for Independence Day we are offering a 15% discount to all InspirePilots members, Just enter JULY4 in the coupon code section when checking out. The coupon is good for all items in the store but it expires July 4,2017 at 11:59 PST. Happy Independence Day everyone! Fly Safe!
Aerial-Pixel Graphics and Apparel for DronePilots
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Black Friday is here early! Save 25% off your entire order of anything in the store! Everything from InspirePilots shirts, hats, decals and everything else in our store too! Just enter code blackfriday when checking out! Coupon code expires Saturday November 25th at 11:59pm EST, Just go to the site HERE
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, fly safe!
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Hey all - we've had a lot of requests for decals, t-shirts, etc.. so we decided to partner with some community members to provide our "officially licensed" merchandise.

You can find InspirePilots tshirts and decals from aerial-pixel at the store below.
Aerial-Pixel Graphics and Apparel for DronePilots

Any chance on getting any of these made?? I did the design in Photoshop and have the .psd file 1_Pilot3ag.png
I think it is neat that you are supplying these items, although I do have an issue. You have a "Phantom Pilots" shirt and I don't know if you are aware of it, but the F4 Phantom is an aircraft used back in the Vietnam war and is still flown today by some of the reserve squadrons. The shirt could be a little misleading.

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