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is ground station comming?

Feb 15, 2014
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I have heard rumors, but cant find any solid information, is dji planning on incorporating GS for the inspire. i think at this point in the game it should be a standard feature
Am pretty sure its coming soon, just dont know when, every thing has to be working flawlessly in order to incorporate groundstation for example, droppin from gps to atti has to be fixed they claim it was fixed in the latest firmware but we will see after a couple weeks of flyin, i would rather wait till its the right time to release it instead of rushing and having inspires runing into buildings and trees and possible fly-aways, but yea i cant wait for ground station i really liked it with my phantom 2 vision plus
Given that they originally advertised it for the Inspire, and the fact that it really doesn't have to be much more complicated than what's on the P2 (though fleshed out in the swanky Pilot UI would be nice), I definitely think this is something they should be doing...

However, they seem to be pointing more and more to their SDK for third-party apps. Even then Phantom 3 only mentions GroundStation in context of the SDK.

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