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Just could not be satisfied with my mod.

Mar 17, 2015
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Right Above You
Since the last time I used color coded Renaat's ND filters. I found some limitations on my labeling system I made.

So I decided to kick it up.

We had some left over adhesive paper from my son's science project. These are not as sticky as the vinyl stickers that I used previously but it can cover most of the ring for better identification, plus they are brighter in color.

So here are the updated ND filter label version 2.0

#1 materials needed.

#2 I used the old sticker as a marker as I roll the filter until it comes returns to the start thus giving me the lenght I needed to cut.

I added some extra material to make sure I got enough to cover the filter.

#3 Need to take my time placing the sticker on as I want to get to the very edge of the filter for a better fit.

#4 One done 3 more to go.

#5 Viola! All complete. As you probably noticed I also created a larger label on the case with the matching color coding for the filter. Total work time about an hour. Making life easier to identify four different ND filter?

Great idea, gonna do the same with mine, thanks.
How you finding the filters? Iam more than happy with mine.
Have you used the 64 yet?
Iam also interested in the ND grad that Renaat mentioned he was looking into, an 8/16 could be good.
Where did you buy the filters? Is their a website? Which filter do you seem to use the most? Under cloudy conditions??
Nice job. Too bad they don't make a light sensitive/changing filter like some sunglasses. Or do they?
Where did you buy the filters? Is their a website? Which filter do you seem to use the most? Under cloudy conditions??

This past weekend was a great test cause it was cloudy half of the day and sunny the rest of the day. I played with the different filter and found I used 32 more than any of the others. ND 16 I used in the morning under cloudy condition set at 1/60, ISO 100, 4K/30. On the 32 I ended up with 1/100, ISO 100, 4K/30.

Now bare in mind that I used a histogram and over exposure setting thus I adjusted them to get slight or no over-exposure on the shots. I'll post some no fancy video.

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