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LItchi Causing Erratic Camera X4S Camera Movement and Software Glitches

Jul 2, 2018
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Using Inspire 2, latest firmware, iPad w/latest iOS, X4s camera. Outside temp between 19 to 35 degrees F. About 1-2 months ago I started seeing some erratic camera activity in Litchi, which previously had been flawless. While starting a Waypoint mission, video recording will start on takeoff, by itself. If I shut it off, it will sometimes start itself up again, uncommanded. Also, while flying to waypoints, the camera will bob up and down, along with the camera angle indicator on the right hand side of the screen jumping up and down, indicating incorrect camera angles. This will go from 0 degrees to -90 degrees, to anywhere in between two to three times a second, while the camera may or may not move while all this is happening. Sometimes the camera will jerk up and down, sometimes not. On the second controller, if running DJI Go4, the camera angle indicator is steady and accurate.

In full Pano mode, (34 shots), it will work reasonably well, but sometimes it will skip a shot, or not pull the camera all the way to the horizon at 0 degrees which it it programmed for.
Also, the uncommanded video recording start happens with my Mavic Pro 2 as well; e.g. if I am flying a Waypoint mission, when the aircraft departs the ground, it will begin uncommanded video recording, even if the setting had been set to camera previously.
Like I said, this began about 2 months ago. Prior to that, Litchi was flawless in its execution according to command.
Has anyone else experienced this recently? Thoughts?
I figured out the uncommanded video recording issue. In Litchi settings, you can set it to begin recording at drone start up. I switched that off and that fixed the problem. The warmer the weather, the fewer issues I have with the X4s.

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