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Loss of Control

Jan 20, 2015
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I was out shooting this morning in the country...beautiful, pristine country church in rural Ohio, surrounded by massive soybean fields. On my third battery, my Inspire instantly started to lose control...I was in GPS mode and thought that I had checked values, etc. When I turned my craft on, I do member moving it when it was going through it's initialization process, which was probably dumb.

When I recognized that I didn't have control and that the craft was starting to "take off," I switched to atti mode and was able to regain control and land. There was a fairly significant wind and the process was unnerving. I then shut everything down, restarted everything and was able to continue flying in GPS mode without issue.

Had I not been on this forum and read several posts dealing with this issue, advising the immediate switch to atti mode, this could have been really bad.

The other thing I'm going to do, through advice on this forum...is to actually practice flying in atti mode in an open field...not just assume I can do this without any practice.

I don't mean to be a homer, but this forum gives you stuff that will never be included in an instruction manual.

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good decision - my take on this is - pretty much everyone can "fly" assisted - but thats not really an art or challenge but you should actually be able to properly fly the model in all orientations and unassisted prior to doing the fancy stuff - but surely this is not what the manufacturers got in mind - they try to keep it simple - the results can be seen all over the web from my perspective - fly aways, crashes and complaints that could be avoided if people would familiarise themselves with this in the first place ...

here in the UK an electronic chain sells DJI and they happily tell their customers that they can fly it anywhere they like - which is a lie in itself ... they dont advise on insurance - even as a suggestion - or anything else that may affect enjoying the craft ... the little paper the vendors add to it these days as in dont do this and that I believe gets hardly any attention ....

back to your point - its surely beneficial to yourself to master the model first in atti mode - you'll find that its actually more fun eventually ...
Thanks, I appreciate it. I was flying in a remote setting, but I do fly shoot in urban areas, avoiding crowds, but nonetheless, people are around...being able to deal in a timely fashion with a craft that is erratic or "flying away " is super important. I'm not that concerned with damage to my craft as I am potential damage to people.
here in the UK an electronic chain sells DJI and they happily tell their customers that they can fly it anywhere they like
They should make laws against these kind of shops.
Anyway nice to see that this forum has helped you out of your problem Figbar

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