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M100 Gimbal with Tau 2 FLIR camera/controller issue

Dec 28, 2016
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Hi everyone,

Next week I'll be joining a conservation ship that is using a Matrice 100 with a Tau 2 FLIR camera. Apparently it has an issue they have not been able to resolve. Here is a quote from the last drone operator to fly it:

"A lot has happened in the past year of UAV technology and there are a few things I'd like to improve with the M100. Mainly, there is a secondary remote controller that controls the camera, but apparently this controller interferes with the telemetry of the machine (this info is from the past drone pilot), so we use this remote controller only to angle the camera down (to about 20 - 30 degrees) before take-off. Then that RC is turned off and the M100 is flown with the DJI controller. The fixed angle camera makes keeping your target in the frame a bit harder, but not impossible."

They are using both the DJO Go and Litchi app to fly it. Can anyone shed light on what may be the issue? I've flown RC for many years and have been flying the Phantom series since their inception so I hope with some extra insights I might be able to get the gimbal and secondary transmitter working properly.

Thanks for any help!

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