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M600 Control Malfunction w/ Ground Station Pro App

May 19, 2017
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Twice now, I've had Ground Station Pro give me a good scare with two near-flyaways. The first occurred with a Phantom 4 Pro a few weeks ago on a way point mission, and the second time today with our M600 on a mapping grid flight. Both instances occurred shortly after take off at an altitude of around 100ft or so. Once both aircraft got up to around that height, they began drifting left at an accelerating rate that could not be effectively countered. It was particularly concerning because even after flipping the P-A-F switch, the aircraft remained affected, and full manual control was not returned. Only after I was able to increase altitude to a safe height, I had to kill GSP and switch to DJI GO to bring the aircraft home safely. Once DJI Go was activated the drift stopped and I was able to resume full control. Thankfully neither aircraft crashed, but we'd hate to have that happen in the future, especially to the M600.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Are there any ways to prevent it from happening again?

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