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Matrice 200 V2 and Matrice 210 RTK Issues

Apr 24, 2020
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Hey guys,

We have just two major malfunctions in the past 3 days. The first with our M200 V2 and the second with our M210 RTK V2.

M200 V2:

Things began when we started receiving a "Stick Not Centered" notification in DJI Pilot regarding the Cendence controller. No big deal as it was going away as soon as the drone would connect to the controller. However, after swapping batteries, the "Stick Not Centered" notification wouldn't go away.

We re-calibrated the Cendence and re-linked it to the drone. On the DJI Pilot app, we received the notification that the IMU was initializing. Typical. But this time it didn't stop. Additionally, we began to receive gimbal error notifications. We turned it off, back on, no luck - same thing. The IMU simply would not initialize. Then, we re-calibrated it a number of times, to no avail. We read that people had tried turning the drone off, waiting 30 minutes, and then trying again but still nothing. We read that people had had success simply moving the drone to a new location. Nothing.

Then, we tried to do a firmware refresh. However, when plugging the drone into the computer, it was not recognized by the DJI Assistant. We're confident that this is not a computer issue, as our other M200's successfully connected. Furthermore, the M200 won't connect to a new Cendence or the computer. It's also not flashing any lights when we turn it on.

Has anyone dealt with this before?

M210 RTK V2:

Super frustrating. The unit has accrued no more than 18 flight hours. Our crew is in the field working and we begin to receive a notification during a flight: Processor Chip Overheating. We land. Swap batteries and the drone won't let us fly.

We read online that this is a common issue with the Mavic Air, but couldn't find documentation regarding the Matrice 210 RTK V2.

Has anyone else had this error in the past?
Sorry to hear about the issue. I know there is a cooling fan inside the unit. I hear it whenever I am running inside applying an update. Wonder if the fan failed and heat damaged something on the board.
Most of the symptoms that you are talking about are usually caused by a minor crash. It sounds like it's time to send it back to DJI for service. Don't risk your cameras by trying to fly it until it's been thoroughly checked over.

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